[CHEMFREE]RELAUNCHING! Toilet Cleaner/ Used for 5 years/ BEST seller in USA N Korea/Detergent
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[CHEMFREE]RELAUNCHING! Toilet Cleaner/ Used for 5 years/ BEST seller in USA N Korea/Detergent

Manufacturer/Place of origin USA Condition New Product
Shipping From From Overseas (South Korea)
Payment Method VISA, MasterCard, JCB Card, PayPal, E-Nets, AXS, Convenience Store, Cash Deposit, Q·account
After sales service Please contact seller or manufacturer service center.
Return/Exchange Need to return item to seller's address by using post office or other shipping service.
Pay on delivery Available
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Delivery is fast but it doesn't work. Still have stains even after use.

rsk******* 2015-02-01 Not Recommend

Received in good condition, have not tried, hope it works.

ily******* 2015-02-01 Highly Recommend

Received item.. can't wait to see result

lee******* 2015-01-31 Recommend

received . this 2nd time purchased . good product

sil******* 2015-01-31 Recommend

Received the item in good packing. Yet to try out.

gko******* 2015-01-31 Recommend

Order on 22 jan receive today fast delivery,not yet use,may try it tomorrow,if g…

sek******* 2015-01-30 Recommend

Chemical reactions were there. Not sure if they work as claimed.

che******* 2015-01-29 Neutral

Just received item not yet try.. Hope it works

jas******* 2015-01-29 Neutral

Today just received my order in good package, thank you seller

mus******* 2015-01-28 Neutral

2 nd time purchase. Delivery take longer

fuj******* 2015-01-28 Recommend
Item Q&A(185)
No. Question & Answer Member Date Status
16245904 Doesn't work! chu******* 2015-01-23 Answered
  Just want to say, the Chemfree doesn't work. Stains resurfaced after 1 month usage.

[Re] Doesn't work!
Hello customer
sorry for the inconvenience first.
it still needs clean the toilet after using chemfree. but it just helps keep the cleaness some more time.

actually, it is hard to feel in sight directly.
but it helps quietly.


[Re] Doesn't work!
I've followed the instructions and cleaned my toilet bowl thoroughly before dropping the Chemfree in the tank. It couldn't be any cleaner.

But sadly speaking, the same stains resurfaced after one month, and I've to clean ot again. This is contrary to what it had claimed. And your reply now seems to confirm that the claim is false, and indeed it still needs cleaning.


[Re] Doesn't work!
it's different with the condition of toilet and frequency of using.
sorry for about if you can't feel the efficiency.
but many tests and patents are showing this product.
please refer to this.

16023258 Still dirty xme******* 2015-01-07 Answered
  Hi, I used chemfree only for a week and it gets dirty again.
As if i didn't put in it.
I already follow the instructions.
Please advise.

[Re] Still dirty
Hello customer
however use chemfree,
still need clean.
cause it just helps to maintaining cleaness after clean.
there's no confident sight inffection
so that it can confused.
but it helps cleaness of toilet.
please check this. thank you.


[Re] Still dirty
It's no difference at all.
So disappointed.
Whatsmore only 2 people using.


[Re] Still dirty
did you clean the toilet before using chemfree?
if then, it will no effect..


[Re] Still dirty
Yes i did i wash very very very clean before put it in.


[Re] Still dirty
but it remains some more cleaness.
it's not meaning that you don't need to clean anymore.
please refer to product page.
it's not visual effects.


15961516 Answer [Re] wrong item delivered. Chemfree product. and you ordered Option:1. Dr. cleancess please check one more time. thanks. sim******* 2015-01-02 Answered
  Answer [Re] wrong item delivered
Hello customer,

there's 3 options in chemfree product.
and you ordered Option:1. Dr. cleancess

please check one more time.

With reference to the above reply from seller.
The product photo illustrated was misleading. The seller should not displayed the 3 options in a single photo. I am not the only customer who was misleaded. I attached again the products photo and description. Please admit the confusion caused and supply as what was illustrated.

Thank you.

[Re] Answer [Re] wrong item delivered. Chemfree product. and you ordered Option:1. Dr. cleancess please check one more time. thanks.
Hello customer

of course there's a few customers that mis understanding.

But there are images on page
and there are options that can customer choose.

so, mis-choice is customer's fault.
and also you paid only amount option value.
can't resend on our side for free.

if you wants to exchange,
then returen to us the item with burden the overseas shipping fee.
then i'll refund you.

please understand this.
thank you.


[Re] Answer [Re] wrong item delivered. Chemfree product. and you ordered Option:1. Dr. cleancess please check one more time. thanks.
Please look at the products photo displayed. You should display 3 photos for all the options. You cannot assume others to know your products name.


[Re] Answer [Re] wrong item delivered. Chemfree product. and you ordered Option:1. Dr. cleancess please check one more time. thanks.
Listing image is small and representation image.
so, commonly there showed main item.
if there'n no information about option products anywhere,
it'll right that customer trick.
but we sufficiently give inform at product page.
we've been selling this item like this so long tiem so far.
and there's no inquiry like this.
please check this
and so i suggest you that
if burden shipping fee and return us, will proceed refund.


15929936 Order no. 137637349 ic_******* 2014-12-30 Answered

Pls advice whether my item has arrived in singapore.

[Re] Order no. 137637349
Hello customer,
i asked delivery company and
they said delivery a bit delayed cause year-end and christmas etc.

so, it soon deliver within days.
pkease wait a bit.
thank you.

15715623 Order 135835426 wic******* 2014-12-14 Answered
I've not received the item and had totally forgotten about it till I logged into my account.

May I know when was it shipped out?

[Re] Order 135835426
Hello customer,
as tracking,
it arrived on 24th Nov.
please refer to the attached image.
thank you.


[Re] Order 135835426
We didn't receive any package for the Chem Free item.

Was the item signed for when it was delivered? The tracking indicated it was 'picked up' but does it say it was delivered?


[Re] Order 135835426
resend the item.
please check last answer.
thank you!


[Re] Order 135835426
Do you mean you have sent out the item again? May I know when will it reach here?

Thank you.


[Re] Order 135835426
Hello customer,
it will sent out on 30th.
and it will take 5-7days.
thank you!


[Re] Order 135835426
Hi there,
My helper just told me that she has received the items earlier but she forgot to inform me -_-"

Which means that the first package you sent out was indeed received, and I've also received the second package from you.

I'm so sorry about this - do let me pay you for the second package that you sent out? May I know how do I go about reimbursing you for the amount?

Thank you and sorry for the confusion!


[Re] Order 135835426
Oh, thank you for the honesty.
and thank you for re-imbursing.
then, could you order 2pcs of chemfree and
please write the delivery msg that "No need to send"
then i won't send your order.

thank you for kindly message.


[Re] Order 135835426
I've just ordered 2 pcs of ChemFree from your store but I realised I couldn't leave a memo because my cart had other items in it.

The cart number is 92369749 and order was made today. Please DO NOT send me the item so that it will be a reimbursement for you.




[Re] Order 135835426
Hello customer
thank you for kindly order right after.
actually you ordered 1pcs.
but i only take this and end this problem.

so thank you for your honesty.


[Re] Order 135835426
Hi there,
So sorry about that and thank you for your generosity.

I will continue to support your shop :D



[Re] Order 135835426
Thank you! Please visit supermall again.

15423676 Wrong Item bee******* 2014-11-21 Answered

I have received my Quick Clean Powder today, however i think i may have placed the wrong item. Is it possible to do an exchange?

Awaiting for your soonest reply. Thanks!

[Re] Wrong Item
Hello customer,
sorry thet exchange is difficult
cause there's expensive overseas delivery fee.
in case of Quick clean, at least 7$ of delivery fee will occur.

if you want to burden the shhipping fee, exchange possible.

thank you.

15289514 chemfree haz******* 2014-11-12 Answered
  Hi, for the above u saying not suitable for tank attach to wall.what does that mean? As from ur pic the tank is lean againt the wall too.pls explain. Thanks

[Re] chemfree
please refer to the iamge.
toilet like image has no tank to put the chemfree in. so, can't use chemfree.

15266084 what's price of 1 chemfree mar******* 2014-11-10 Answered
  dear seller,

when we select chemfree (+$6). total paying $12.90, how many pcs of chemfree you are mailing?
pls advise.

thank you.

[Re] what's price of 1 chemfree
Dear customer.

Your inquiry will soon be confirmed and answered by the seller.
※ Inquiries related to Payment.
Cancellation and any Urgent issue can possibly be dealt from CS team.
Thanks & Best regards.
P.S. The information is also sent to the seller to meditate this case.

Yes, it is 12.9$ for 1 chemfree.

and if you want to bulk buying,
please mail me please.


thank you!