★MIZON No.1★SNAIL REPAIR EYE CREAM 25ml/wrinkle care
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★MIZON No.1★SNAIL REPAIR EYE CREAM 25ml/wrinkle care

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Manufacturer/Place of origin korea Condition New Product
Shipping From From Overseas (South Korea)
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Brief Description [Certified for Whitening Wrinkle care by KFDA]
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The snail repair eye cream box did not have the mizon sticker. When I opened the…

dia******* 2015-03-04 Not Recommend

Well packed and delivered about one week. With free gifts too. The foot mist n…

ahb******* 2015-03-04 Highly Recommend

Thanks seller for the fast delivery service and bubbles wrap all the item....

cry******* 2015-03-03 Highly Recommend

Tried and results not bad..fine line and puffiness reduce.. hope it continue to …

ani******* 2015-03-03 Highly Recommend

Fast delivery with free gift. but free gift of foot mist is useless to us. Yet t…

eli******* 2015-03-02 Recommend

Fast and reliable delivery. all items were nicely packed with bubble wrap. Will …

hel******* 2015-03-01 Highly Recommend

Tried the product. Love it. Need only to use abit. Can last more than other crea…

kat******* 2015-03-01 Highly Recommend

Received my orders and hope the eye cream & repair cream works. . Thks for the f…

jun******* 2015-03-01 Highly Recommend

Second time buying, alots of free gift is given.

lin******* 2015-03-01 Highly Recommend

There's always a pleasant surprise whenever i purchase items from seller. There …

syl******* 2015-03-01 Highly Recommend
Item Q&A(140)
No. Question & Answer Member Date Status
16118140 Item Ilo******* 2015-01-14 Answered
  Hi, have you guys stopped selling mizon snail products? Or is it out of stock

[Re] Item
Hi Guest. Snail cream and ampoules is out of stock. Thank you.

15932843 HOLOGRAM STICKER yun******* 2014-12-30 Answered
  Hi purchase several times from you but recently I order the snail eye cream & black sugar scrub the box do not have hologram sticker any more, could you advice why do not have hologram sticker?

Hi Guest. mizon logo Change mid this year. Thus fabricated in the previous logo stickers are not attached any more. However, we are selling genuine products. Safe to use. Thank you.

15818627 Stinging hot sensation jui******* 2014-12-22 Answered
  Hi! Is it normal to feel stinging and got sensation under my eyes after application??

[Re] Stinging hot sensation
Hi Guest. The reaction time is much nutrient supply doeseo eye sore to occur. Using stopped again, or use a small amount of time, if you will. Thank you.

14984447 shipping cch******* 2014-10-19 Answered

I wanted to buy this plus the placenta ampule but when I add to cart there us shipping charge of $2.50 to both items? Shouldn't it br just one shipping charge since both are from same seller?

[Re] shipping
Hello, customer!
Thank you for concerning our product!

Shipping fee depends on weight and size.
Because delivery company impose fee about packing weight and packing box size.

I hope my answer makes you help.
Thank you! :)

14961171 Snail Repairing Foam Cleanser cec******* 2014-10-16 Processing
14933626 Which products should I buy t_b******* 2014-10-15 Answered
  Hi Seller,

Kindly advice which products should I use to improve all these especially my dark eye circle.

My concern:
- pores especially on face and nose
-dark eye circle that really look like panda
-minor wrinkles
-pale and dull complexion

I have combination skin. I am in late 30s . All along never have breakout only recently after trying out some new skin products on the T zone. My skin is quite good actually. I am fair by comparison but my skin look dull and pale yellowish not fair to what I used to have when I was young. I have some minor wrinkles on end of mouth and eyes. My deal eye circles were since in secondary school days..it got worse as I sleep late taking care of my children.

Desirable Outcome I wish:
- brighter and "pinkish"fair complexion
- no more dark eye circle
- less wrinkle face

Thank you for your advice.


[Re] Which products should I buy

Welcome Guest. If you want to use a bright face whitening functional products. like the mela. This functionality is useful as a whitening product, give I use constantly cultivate a bright complexion. If severe dark circles around the eyes, eye cream and massage with me frequently used. It helps the dark circles around the eyes to help blood circulation. Select two whitening functional cosmetics of wrinkles, wrinkles on the face if. Snails also may Collagen is also good. Thank you :)


[Re] Which products should I buy
Hi Seller,

Just to sum up to make sure j understand you correctly:
1)dull complexion --use mela range to whiten and brighten up. Does this range reduce wrinkle and make skin more supple?
2) dark eye circle ---use eye cream
3) wrinkle ?? Snail moisturizer 92%+ collagen?
Which collagen are you referring to ?

Which is more effective for my overall concern ( dull complexion and wrinkle):
1)mela+ Snail moisture + ampule placenta 45
2) mela range + snail moisturizer 92% + collagen

Thank you.


[Re] Which products should I buy
Welcome Guest. 1) mela is a whitening functional. Wrinkles are not functional. Helps brighten the skin tone. 2) good eye cream is best managed in the eyes. Good for wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes Administration. 3) There are several types of collagen. Skin, lotions, creams, ampoules, eye cream and so on. Which may be used in anti-wrinkle products. The content is different, but also features a snail.

If you want to lighten your skin, use a mela and snails. If you want to use the snail and collagen wrinkle intensive management. Thank you.

14755259 Sales Promotion for SNAIL SERIES Wcy******* 2014-09-30 Answered
  Hi seller,

Am recommended my family members to use your brand~
Hope you will have special promotion for ALL the SNAIL series sooooooon~~~
Thanks ya~ ^^

[Re] Sales Promotion for SNAIL SERIES
Welcome Guest. I will try to proceed with more great promotions. It is very much in your interest. Thank you :)


[Re] Sales Promotion for SNAIL SERIES
We really like your products~
Especially the SNAIL series~
Hope you will have great promotion soooon~^_^


[Re] Sales Promotion for SNAIL SERIES

14605379 buy several items ivy******* 2014-09-17 Answered
  Hi Seller,

i would like to uy several items.

Can i check with you, if i buy more, would there be free shipping?

Pls advise.

[Re] buy several items
Hello, customer!
Thank you for concerning our product!

Shipping fee depends on weight and size.
Because delivery company impose fee about packing weight and packing box size.

I hope my answer makes you help.
Thank you! :)