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【22/4】Linen national art style traditional dresses/plus size/Maternity Dress/pants/shorts/top


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Possible Cancellation Of Order Seller Seller 2017-02-28
Place of origin
Condition New Product
Shipping From From Overseas (China)
Payment Method VISA, MasterCard, JCB Card, PayPal, E-Nets, AXS, Convenience Store, Cash Deposit, Q·account
After sales service Please contact seller or manufacturer service center.
Return/Exchange Need to return item to seller's address by using post office or other shipping service.
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Recommend 2017-04-25 ahs*******
Not Recommend 2017-04-25 chi*******
Highly Recommend 2017-04-24 lyn*******
Recommend 2017-04-24 tpa*******
netural 2017-04-22 lim*******
Highly Recommend 2017-04-19 Lil*******
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NOTICE Possible Cancellation Of Order Seller Seller
26281306 Shipping rates chi******* 2017-03-28 Answered
Dear Seller,
This is a feedback regarding your courier company, personally i think the previous company, Qxpress, is better.
Next question, is regarding free delivery for purchases above certain $$$. Can the purchases be totaled up from
different categories for free delivery. Eg. I like 1 pc from "Linen National Art...", 1 pc from "25/3 New Promotion..."
and 1 pc from "27/3 New Black Dress" and end up have to pay 3 shipping charges. In the end, I decided not to buy
and you lose the sale of 3 items.
You may wish to consider this point for better sales. Thank you.
[Re] Shipping rates
Hi, thank you very much for your advice!
We will soon change the logistics company (Q express)
If the system charges you 3 times, you can contact me in time,
We will refund the freight to you.
Because they are different clothes, weight is also different.
So we set the price of different freight.
Thank you!
26218853 Smaller sizes wen******* 2017-03-22 Answered
Dear Seller,

There are so many nice design here, but mostly are too big in size - "Bust measurement" mostly are 92 cm onwards 100cm onwards?

Is it possible to order a smaller sizes clothes for this collection? The standard measurement of S with 80cm, M 86cm, etc?

I really like your design, but its too big.
Rgds, Wendy
[Re] Smaller sizes
Hi, this style of clothing is loose, self-cultivation is another set of clothes style
URL link:
26022719 SD-05 sho******* 2017-03-07 Answered
Hi, i would like to purchase SD-05 either colour, but can't seem to find the number in your dropdown box. how do i order that item please?
[Re] SD-05
OK, thank you very much for your reminder, we will update the price options later.
Thank you
25488571 Double charge of shipping during order and refund cya******* 2017-01-19 Answered
I had ordered 4 dresses from you under order no. 107913512

SQ 10 Brown: $14.10 - received on 18/1
D G16 White: $28.70 - received on 18/1
EG G02 Blue: $22.20 - not in yesterday's parcel, pls advise
SN 02 Red : $17.50 - refunded only $13.60 because you deduct another $3.90 for shipping???

During my order placed on 9/1/17, I had paid a total of ($14.10 + $28.70 + $22.20 + $17.50) with $3.90 chargeable on shipping. Your page actually states free shipping for over $25.00 purchase(2 pieces easily costs more than $25.00), yet you still charge me $3.90.

On top of that, during your refund for SN02Red, you deducted another $3.90 for shipping from $17.50 and refunded only $13.60. Why are you charging extra $3.90 for an item which you are not sending?

In total, you have to refund me another : $3.90 + $3.90 = $7.80 for overcharging me double on shipping.

Please also advice, whether EG G02 Blue: $22.20 is being despatched to me separately, otherwise, I will need a refund on this item as well.
[Re] Double charge of shipping during order and refund
Hi, I don't know why I charge you 2 times.
I agree to return the freight to you. You deserve it.
We ask the administrator to assist refund S 7.8
Thank you
[Re] Double charge of shipping during order and refund
I have not received the refund of the shipping yet.

And there is still no tracking no. for my order 201585830(EGG02-blue). Please advise when the refund will take place and when the last item will be sent to me.
[Re] Double charge of shipping during order and refund
Hi, three pieces of clothing are sent together.
Because I can not modify the kind of waybill number, so you can't see the logistics information.
The correct number: CNSG2573716
Thank you
[Re] Double charge of shipping during order and refund
You have not refund me the overcharge on the shipping yet.

As for the order no. 201585830 EG G02-blue, it was not in the parcel with AWB CNSG2573716. There are only 2 items (order no.201585827 (SQ10-brown) & 201585829 (DG16-white)) in this parcel you mentioned. You have forgotten to add in the third piece EG G02-blue. I guess this also explains why this piece has no tracking number at all.

If you are not sending me EG G02-blue, please refund me another $22.20 + the overcharge on shipping fee.
[Re] Double charge of shipping during order and refund
I'm sure I've sent EG-G02
Thank you
[Re] Double charge of shipping during order and refund
When did you send me EG-G02? Pls advise the date and tracking record number. It is not in the parcel with tracking number CNSG2573716 as there is only 2 pieces inside. I am 100% sure of that. 1 + 1 + 2. Stop insisting that you have send out 3 pieces when you only place 2 pieces in the package.

If you are not sending out EG-G02 by this week. Please refund me my money $22.20 plus the overcharge in shipping which you agreed.
[Re] Double charge of shipping during order and refund
I'm sorry, you're right.
I checked out the shortage registration form to find your missing records.
I have dealt with refund 22.1 (no refund of 100%)
Please check, thank you
[Re] Double charge of shipping during order and refund
I did not see any refund coming in yet for these.

You are supposed to refund me $22.20 + $7.80(for overcharges on shipping fee) which you agreed above(pls refer to your reply above as well).

Please refund me total : $30
[Re] Double charge of shipping during order and refund
Hi, but I check your order, only charge the freight S3.9,
No shipping charge S7.8
Thank you
[Re] Double charge of shipping during order and refund
Since you cancelled SN 02 Red. You should refund me : $17.50 instead of $13.60. Why did you deduct $3.90 when
your page actually states free shipping for over $25.00 purchase(2 pieces easily costs more than $25.00)

As for another shipping charge of $3.90, I was confused by the statement(see attached), the shipping charge was captured in one of the order no. 201585827 (for SQ10 - brown). I thought $3.90 is being charged likewise, I just realise that this amount was not charged after adding the total.

Please refund me the $3.90 which was deducted from the refund of SN02 Red.
[Re] Double charge of shipping during order and refund
Hi, I checked your order.
The original two transactions are free shipping, because I canceled an order.
So there is a collection of freight, but another transaction did not charge shipping.
Thank you
[Re] Double charge of shipping during order and refund
This is absurd. What do you mean by collection of freight for 1 cancellation of order??

SQ 10 Brown: $14.10 - received - free shipping
D G16 White: $28.70 - received - free shipping
EG G02 Blue: $22.20 - did not send to me, refunded only $22.10. Why $0.10 short change??
SN 02 Red : $17.50 - refunded only $13.60 because you deduct $3.90 because you think shipping is chargeable.

I ordered 4 pieces (total: $82.50). You only sent me 2 pieces, which still costs $42.80 in total. Shipping should be free since these 2 pieces cost way more than $25. Please take a look at your site clearly, it says "Free shipping over S$25.00 purchase".

To reiterate:
$14.10 + $28.70 = $42.80. Does $42.80 look less than $25? If not, why did you deduct $3.90 during the refund of SN02 Red.

Look at the snapshot I took from your link. "Free shipping over S$25.00 purchase". If you still don't understand, I will get QOO10 to explain your words to you.

Please refund me my money $3.90 + $0.10 = $4
25382031 [其它]相关资讯 yev******* 2017-01-11 Answered
[Re] [其它]相关资讯
Hi, I'm not on vacation.
As the Chinese Spring Festival is approaching,
All of our workers are on holiday, they all go back to their hometown to celebrate the new year.
Including logistics companies and other industries is also a holiday.
This is the longest holiday in China, usually we only have three days' holiday.
I can not prevent this from happening. I am a person can not be shipped.
Hope you can understand, happy new year!
Thank you
[Re] [其它]相关资讯
If this is the case, I hope you can reply to my information as soon as possible, because I am really anxious to goods, you see my reply to the above problems before you prove that I need your reply, waiting for your information process I am very annoyed, I am sorry, misunderstood what you mean, but I hope you can look at the customer's information urgency to respond.
[Re] [其它]相关资讯
Because the seller's chat tool, and sometimes can not log on.
So you'll be delayed answering your questions.
But no matter how long, I will reply to the customer's information.
It's my job, because I'm willing to serve every customer in singapore.
No matter how the sales performance, I will not be too concerned about.
But every time I receive the appreciation of the buyer, this is my very happy thing.
[Re] [其它]相关资讯
Well, I believe that now is a very time you will not have time to worry about, I believe in the normal time your operation is normal after all, I see your comments praise is also a lot, I will order again, but not Now, thank you.
[Re] [其它]相关资讯
25333984 [相关运送]相关资讯 yev******* 2017-01-09 Answered
Hello, I was here on January 6 to order, can receive in the January 26 before the goods?
[Re] [相关运送]相关资讯
Hi, your package, we will arrange to send in the near future, thank you
25329976 [About Item] Related Inquiries cat******* 2017-01-08 Answered
Can I know when my orders received
[Re] [About Item] Related Inquiries
Hi, your order has been shipped, usually complete delivery in 5-7 days.
Thank you
24596833 item not receive dor******* 2016-11-14 Answered
Order date: Oct 28 2016
Cart No: 106156737
Shipping date: Oct 29 2016
Order no: 192347204
Delivery info: Cuckoo Express / CUK090004275

Very disappointed with Dragon Link Express.

28th October order, until now 14th November did not receive my item.
It stated 1st November already reach Singapore.
I have already complain to seller, until now i have not received my item,

please reply me as soon as possible when can deliver my items.

Just to let you know, above is the email i have just complain to dragon link express.
If they do not reply, how am I going to get my items or refund?
Please help.
[Re] item not receive
I'm terribly sorry, so bad logistics company, let you down.
I have once again urged the Chinese to facilitate customer service.
I guarantee that if there is a better logistics company, we will replace.
Thank you

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