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Dual Pressure Setting Range Top Pressure Cooker High Quality S/S 304 (18/8) Triple Layered Bottom

Place of origin
OEM China Condition New Product
Shipping From Domestic (Singapore)
Payment Method VISA, MasterCard, JCB Card, PayPal, E-Nets, AXS, Convenience Store, Cash Deposit, Q·account
After sales service Please contact seller or manufacturer service center.
Return/Exchange Need to return item to seller's address by using post office or other shipping service.
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Recommend Worth the value

Tried it out first with Max water level. It holds the pressure and everything works as it is.

Pressure Cooker:ASG2407-01 (Single Yellow 7L) | Add on Accessories:Single Add Gasket Ring(+S$6.90)

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Jul 21, 2017

Highly Recommend Fast delivery and in good condition

2 days yet to use, some time spending reading instructions, hope can understand and apply cause heavy duty.

Pressure Cooker:ASG2407-01 (Single Yellow 7L) | Add on Accessories:Single Add Steam Basket(+S$12.90)

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Jul 21, 2017
Jul 20, 2017

Recommend Good conditions

Item received fast and is in good condition. Has yet to try it. It light as compared to some pressure cooker

Pressure Cooker:DSF2206 (Single Purple 6L) | Add on Accessories:Single Unit Without Accessories(+S$10)

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Jul 18, 2017 2

Recommend Fast delivery

A bit scare of using pressure cooker. I try to cook water first. So far is acceptable.

Pressure Cooker:ASG2407-01 (Single Yellow 7L) | Add on Accessories:Single Add Gasket Ring(+S$6.90)

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Jul 18, 2017 2

Customer Review (398)

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Recommend Jul 21, 2017 pen*******
Highly Recommend Jul 21, 2017 lim*******
Recommend Jul 21, 2017 bas*******
Recommend Jul 20, 2017 ora*******
Highly Recommend Jul 20, 2017 spo*******
Recommend Jul 19, 2017 sap*******
Recommend Jul 19, 2017 ivy*******
Recommend Jul 18, 2017 pod*******
Recommend Jul 18, 2017 cas*******
Recommend Jul 16, 2017 tph*******

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  • Address : PRIMZ BIZHUB 21 WOODLANDS CLOSE #06-11
  • Available during:MON~FRI : 9:00am ~ 6:00pm SAT : 9:00am ~ 2:00pm Sundays & PublicHolidays OFF
Item Q&A(59)
No. Question & Answer Member Date Status
27738127 Inquiry for the item from tan**** tan******* 2017-07-22 Answered
Water drips non-stop at the handle part once pressure is reached.
Tried using the pot twice and both times the same thing happened.
Please advise.

Thank you.
[Re] Inquiry for the item from tan****
If water drips non stop at the handle part - it usually means you did not close the lid properly and it doesnt lock. This result in pressure loss and water boiling release of water vapours seeping from the sealing ring.
Please follow this steps when closing the top cover lid:
1) please locate the small engraved arrow on the upper cover lid. This arrow should be in the position pointing towards the Pot lower handle to first align when covering the Pot (do not rotate to close yet)
2) With arrow in place - Make sure that the top cover then is placed flat and squarely fitted on the pot.
3) Now you can rotate the top arm towards the pot bottom arm until you hear the soft click ! a) If it doesnt rotate smoothly it means not flatly fitted properly restart and repeat from Step 1 (No force is required. Smooth action only);
b) If there is no soft click it means it is not closed. This will Result in your issue raised - steam is forced out by the pressure causing water drip from handle.

Your issue raised is common when the Cover Lid is not properly aligned and closed. Please do not use force - if fitted properly it is so effortless easy to slide the upper arm handle towards bottom arm handle. AND YOU SHOULD HEAR A SOFT CLICK when it is aligned (bottom handle with upper handle). Do not rely on eye measurement to consider the top cover and pot chamber is closed.
Not sure if both times you used - was the closing action very smooth and effortless? and Did you finish closing to hearing the SOFT CLICK sound?
Please test and try this again with just water test. Turn heat up on HIGH when ready to test.
Note: It is normal for steam to escape from the Pressure Selector Valve vent when the pressure is fully built up in the pot chamber. During this HIGH Heat stage - check that you no longer have water dripping excessively to the sides of the pot. Also check if red small button is risen and a steady continuous steam jet released from the vent.
(Jul 23, 2017 17:37)

If all these 3 conditions achieved :
a) no excessive water escaping out to sides and handles dripping to the stove)
b) red small indicator - is standing up to the size of the small hole
c) you see a fairly strong steady continuous stream of steam jet coming out of the pressure selector valve
THEN you are ready to TURN DOWN HEAT to Medium/ Medium low and start counting your COOKING time (depending on what you are cooking).

I hope these instructions clarify to help your situation. Rgds, Seller
(Jul 23, 2017 17:41)
27368679 Inquiry for the item from Min**** Min******* 2017-06-25 Answered
27361869 Inquiry for the item from moh**** moh******* 2017-06-24 Answered
Pressure valve spoil. How can get replacement
[Re] Inquiry for the item from moh****
Hi you have 2 options - either call on the warranty and we will send you replacement valve for free (this will nullify your warranty as claimed thereafter) or you may purchase one replacement valve from us for $10.90 which leaves your warranty still valid. Please advise your decision to leave txt msg at 9822-0800 and quote your order number. Your order number serves as proof of purchase and is our record for recalling warranty as claimed. Rgds, Seller

We have replied. Please see options available to you.
(Jun 25, 2017 19:17)
27306781 Inquiry for the item from che**** che******* 2017-06-20 Answered
Hi. The safety valve will keep moving n float
up when the water inside pot boiling, right?
[Re] Inquiry for the item from che****
The pressure selector valve (floating valve) if fitted properly will allow steam to escape from that valve. Once temperature has risen to optimum and pressure builds up, the little red small indicator (located close to the top cover handle lid) should stand up.
27245280 Inquiry for the item from jes**** jes******* 2017-06-15 Answered
Dear Seller,

May I know why add accessory r more cheaper than without accessories? Or is it the description is wrong?
Add $10 with full accessories?
[Re] Inquiry for the item from jes****
Hi - thank you for spotting our error. Very sorry for this. We are rectifying this. Without Accessories single unit +10.00 if adding Gasket ring add another 6.90 ie 16.90$. Very sorry about this and very appreciate you spotting this. Rgds, Seller
[Re] Inquiry for the item from jes****
Dear Seller,

May I know how frequent we need to change the gasket ring? If I don't buy it now, where can I get it in future if it's spoilt? I don't want to buy extra as I worried if I will lost the gasket ring ..
does the accessories include the steamer and the glass cover?
[Re] Inquiry for the item from jes****
We do recommend replacing the sealing gasket ring once a year. Unless of course you use the Pressure Cooker everyday (Frequently) which may cause the ring to be fatigued and worn out.
No rush - you can purchase the ring later because it is quite durable for good many months.
Yes the BUNDLE set comes with Glass lid and steaming basket (2 accessories) with the main unit. However please be advised we are just out of stock for the Yellow BUNLDE sets (Only Blue is available but in rather limited quantities in stock).
Rgds, Seller
[Re] Inquiry for the item from jes****
Dear Seller,

I want to get DFS2206. - Purple Lid 6L
Just to reconfirm, If I selected the single unit with add on gasket ring $16.90 means I will get the Gasket ring, Stemming basket & glass lid right ?
Or I will still get the stemming basket & glass lid if I select the add on $10?
[Re] Inquiry for the item from jes****
Besides, the bundle set are not available for selection. Hence, m confused as I saw review stated that they selected single unit but come with stemming basket & glass lid. So I jus wan to double check in case it understand wrongly.
In fact, I only need the steaming basket.
[Re] Inquiry for the item from jes****
Hi. Bundle value set (yellow) is out of stock. Single units available only. If you want the bundle set we have blue color available but limited in quantity. The bundle value set comes compllete with steam basket and glass lid with main pressure cookwr unit. If you wish to order main unit and steam basket we have this option available, we will be refreshing our listing option so you can check it out by 8pm tonight. You will be able to order this option.
[Re] Inquiry for the item from jes****
Dear Seller,

I missed the promotion period. Now a bit more expensive. I will wait for the promo n buy. Besides, I think you made mistake on the add on price again.
[Re] Inquiry for the item from jes****
Hi- so sorry staff did not input the price correctly and thank you for asking making enquiry. We are grateful you pointed this out.
It is now corrected to reflect the accurate pricing. Without Accessories is + 10 for the 6L Purple clamplid DSF2206. If adding sealing ring + 15.90 and if adding basket + 18.90
Rgds and thank you !!!!
27239627 ASG2407 vs 2206 ljh******* 2017-06-14 Answered
Hi seller,

Can you please let me know is there any main difference between this 2 model.

1. stainless material?
2. both can be use on electrode magnet induction cooker? Because my induction cooker is magnetic.
3. dual setting?
[Re] ASG2407 vs 2206
Hi thank you for your query.
The main difference lies as follows : a) Capacity (7L vs 6L)
b) Clamp-Lid (center knob panel easy operation turn to open and close) vs Single Arm rotating Cover
c) Importantly the SPRING VALVE mechanism for the Pressure Selector Valve (as seen in picture of the 6L DSF2206 model Purple pressure cooker) vs Self affix Floating Valve (7L ASG2407 Model)

Material wise both the same.
The clamp-Lid engineering together with prefitted Sping Valve is a more innovative design and more expensive.
The 6L is easier to operate because you can easily use one hand to open and close the pressure cooker cover. Suits senior folks at home because it is smaller and easier to operate.

Hope this clarifies.

[Re] ASG2407 vs 2206
OK got it seller. So overall the DSF2206 is a better choice?
DSF2206 is using this Self affix Floating Valve with Clamp-Lid
[Re] ASG2407 vs 2206
The DSF2206 is a higher grade option - because of the SPRING VALVE which is considered the latest mechanism available for Pressure cooker. Also the clamp-lid cover design and engineering makes it easy to operate for anyone which suits more senior folks for their convenience. In terms of material they are identically SS304 (18/8 stainless steel) which is a robust and very good/ ideal for a good quality pressure cooker. There are those that are aluminum in the market which we do not recommend for pressure cooker. The actual factory costs of DSF2206 is much higher than the current special promotional offering at Qoo10, please do consider this excellent product and price which in fact undercuts our margins significantly much more than the ASG2407.
Because we are promoting Great Singapore Sale June special.
ASG2407 is not inferior but it is designed with FLOATING valve, the design is a Hot Seller for those who love the clean look design. Both are excellent products for your confidence.
[Re] ASG2407 vs 2206
ok thanks seller. Very details. one last question. gasket can be purchase separately for DSF2206? As i only see ASG2407
[Re] ASG2407 vs 2206
Yes dsf can be purchased separately.
[Re] ASG2407 vs 2206
Great seller..:)
[Re] ASG2407 vs 2206
Thank you - Have a good day.
27076139 Parts Missing ng_******* 2017-06-01 Answered

I bought the pressure cooker for my sister, my nephew received it today and found that both the Dual pressure and
safety valve are missing from the package. Can I have a one for one exchange, please check the items before

Michelle Ng
[Re] Parts Missing
Already answered inquiry. If you have another any question, please contact to us.
27067886 Inquiry related delivery from nig**** nig******* 2017-05-31 Answered
Hi dear i nee it urgently tomorrow. Can help me to get it by tomorrow? Thanks. And sorry for the rush.
[Re] Inquiry related delivery from nig****
Hi have you placed your order? This chat msg you sent is without your name and order number so I cant look up your order to advise. If you have just sent us your order today, we will only be able to process and have this shipped to Qxpress tomorrow. Thereafter Qxpress will make the delivery to you, which is likely Saturday at the soonest. It is not possible for delivery tomorrow if order is made only today.

Can you text me your name and order number to 9822-0800 so we can retrieve your order details?? Rgds,Seller

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