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IROAD[IROAD]3300CH 8G / Car Camera 2CH HD Driving Video Recorder Car Blackbox 2channel/blackvue

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JAEWONCNC / KOREA Condition New Product
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After sales service Please contact seller or manufacturer service center.(+65 6659-0141 / corvitsg@gmail.com)
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Brief Description [IROAD IONE-3300CH 8G]2CH HD Driving Video Recorder Car Black-Box 2channel

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[IROAD]3300CH 8G / Car Camera 2CH HD Driving Video Recorder Car Blackbox 2channel/blackvue 4.75 383 5 0
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fast delivery but when install the back camera don't seem to be working. I check…

ala******* 2014-08-26 Recommend

Received Item In Good Condition. Yet to install...

ale******* 2014-08-26 Recommend

Good. Cheapest iroad you can buy in the market

jam******* 2014-08-13 Recommend

item front camera working But back cam unable to Work. No indicator light as to …

bab******* 2014-08-02 Neutral

Fast delivery and good quality....

wil******* 2014-07-31 Highly Recommend

Good image quality for front camera.

eri******* 2014-07-30 Highly Recommend

Fast delivery, product is in good condition

tho******* 2014-07-25 Highly Recommend

Item received in good condition. Delivery was very fast ordered yesterday and re…

mic******* 2014-07-22 Highly Recommend

not a bad purchase, the camera is nicely packed.

cyn******* 2014-07-20 Recommend

Fast delivery and quality item.......

wil******* 2014-07-18 Highly Recommend
Item Q&A(212)
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16075439 Faulty or spoil SD card an card reader far******* 2015-01-11 Answered
  I had been using your set for a year plus
An now the SD card cannot format or use
And also the card reader not working.
How can I get both item replace?
Do u sell it individual without the black box as black box is still good.
How much u sell them ?
And how I go about getting both item replace. ?
Pls advise
Thank u

[Re] Faulty or spoil SD card an card reader
Dear customer,

Thanks for your inquiry.

If you're unable to format your memory card, kindly bring it to our office when you're available so that we can check for you. The warranty of it is 6 months, if your order is still under warranty period, we will do an exchange for you if it is found faulty.

You may purchase both the memory card and the card reader seperately from our homepage @corvit.sg as well. These items are available at our main office too.

Hope the above clarifies.

Have a great week ahead!

15613488 Selling Price jer******* 2014-12-06 Answered
I already purchased 3Qty of IROAD3300CH and all the prices that I paid for is about S$296.80ea
which includes the accessories. You can check my last purchase order number 47780849.
I intend to buy another for a friend but was shock to find the price is S$453.70ea having the same accessories as my order number 47780849.

Why is the price increase that much different and is there a special price for me as I have been
constantly promote your product to my friends.


Jeremy Loo

[Re] Selling Price
Dear Jeremy Loo

Thank you for your enquiry.

The price is subject to change depending on stock level, availability etc.

If the price you see is $453.70, that is the price for now and we do not know when the price will rise or drop, but the price should not be above its usual price.

Thank you

15342071 where to get the additional LCD display? xse******* 2014-11-15 Answered
  hi, i bought a iroad3300ch camera from you, but i forget to ask where can i get the LCD display to attach to my camera from? any recommendation? thanks

[Re] where to get the additional LCD display?
Dear customer,

Thanks for your inquiry.

You may view all your recorded videos through your smartphone's. Simply insert your SD memory card into the card reader and pluck onto your smartphone and you'll be able to view all recorded videos.

Hope the above clarifies.

Have a great week ahead!


[Re] where to get the additional LCD display?
Hi, i think you have mistaken my question. im trying to ask is when i go up to your shop, i saw your company have display quite a number of car camera with the display. may i know if you can recommend any display for my camera iroad3300ch?


[Re] where to get the additional LCD display?
Dear customer,

Thank you for the inquiry.

May I know what or which display are you referring to?


[Re] where to get the additional LCD display?
hi, im refering to the 3.5 inch LCD display that you have with all the car camera shown at you shop. any recommendations? because I dont no know where can I get one of those display. attach to my car camera. thanks


[Re] where to get the additional LCD display?
Dear customer,

Thanks for your inquiry.

We are selling the LCD Monitor at $55. You may want to drop by our office to get it if you're interested.

Hope the above clarifies.

Have a good day ahead!

14543848 Av power zur******* 2014-09-12 Answered
  What is the difference between the two settings? Timer and voltage?

[Re] Av power

I don't wnderstand it. 3300CH can't set for voltage.

Time setting is currunty time. and then parking time

let me know your contact number.

I call you and explain setting method.

Thank you.


[Re] Av power
Hi possible to call today?

9818 9885



[Re] Av power
Dear Customer,

Voltage is setting a cut-off voltage point. Timer is setting the time and date.



[Re] Av power
Hi can provide your contact number. Can make a call to you, Still do not understand?



[Re] Av power
Dear Customer,

You may contact Tom/Robert at 66590141

Thank you.

14539024 recording of parking ela******* 2014-09-11 Answered

What is the maximum hours of recording for parking for 16gb?

[Re] recording of parking
Hi, Thank you for inquiry.

normally- normal 60% event 20% parking 20%

Total If using 16GB then max about 5hours.

Thank you.


[Re] recording of parking
My recording is powered by my car fuse so it is 24 hours recording. If I parked for.10hrs I would.like to.record for 10 hrs. So how many gb should I buy?


[Re] recording of parking
Dear customer

Thank you for your enquiry.

32GB would be the best pick.



[Re] recording of parking
Currently I use 16gb card to record. As you can see in the picture, the parking video was missing between 2107 to 0428, 0439 to 0454 and so on. There is always some recordings missing in between. So if my car got scratch or hit the recording may go missing? Why is that so?


[Re] recording of parking
Hi, can I check some thing?
are you using constant power cable??
If no useing it you can do recording when you turn on your car battery.

may I know your contact number and order number??

Thank you.


[Re] recording of parking
Yea I have used constant power cable. Order 38096933


[Re] recording of parking
Dear customer

Thank you for your enquiry.

The order number is 8 digit numbers starting with '4'.

Thank you


[Re] recording of parking
38096933 placed in Nov 2013.


[Re] recording of parking
Dear customer

Thank you for your enquiry.

The 8 digit starting with '4' means


If you are unable to find it, please provide me your full name, date of purchse and your address.

Thank you


[Re] recording of parking

29Nov 2013


[Re] recording of parking
Dear customer

Thank you for your enquiry.

You bought it last year indeed.
Please bring your device to our office to check up on it.



[Re] recording of parking
Ok but my camera is already fixed with hidden and tape nicely on my windscreeen. If I remove I will have to spend $80 for installation. So can you instead come down to check or I remove it and you can install back?


[Re] recording of parking
Dear customer

Thank you for your enquiry.

As your camera was purcahsed last year and the camera was not already faulty when you purchased it, you need to remove it and bring it up to our office. Unfortunately, that is the standard procedure and that is what all of our customers do when their cameras have problems.

Thank you for your cooperation.


[Re] recording of parking

ok I can remove but not able to remove the wiring. Is that ok? You should have power supply cable and adaptor in your office right? And by the way if everything is ok with constant and event but just not parking, where should the problem be? I do not think is the SD cars or the equipment itself.

Also, from what you mentioned,, does that mean the equipment will only work for 9 to 12 months and then we have to get a new unit?

My tyre was punctured during parking mode and I could not get the video of the culprit because of the missing video?


[Re] recording of parking
Dear custmer

Thank you once again for your enquiry.

My point sir, is we are not able to tell you anything until we examine the condition of your camera,and of course, your camera is supposed to be used permenantly, not for short term.

Plase, bring your camera so we can check up on it.


Thank you

14166353 Rear Cam is not working and front cam keep repeating "pls have a safe ride..." pek******* 2014-08-08 Answered
  Rear cam is no longer recording and i have no idea what is wrong. Front cam keeping repeating itself and i did the plug of power cable test. The led light blink once and off straight after that. Please advice. It seems that singapore maybe too hot for the cam to withstand.

[Re] Rear Cam is not working and front cam keep repeating "pls have a safe ride..."
Thank you for using our product.

IROAD be shipped after high temperature testing (80 degrees) for all products.
You do not have to worry.

Problems with the product,
Within the warranty period will be replaced by new products.

Please visit the office, and we will test.
If you have any problems with the product,
Will be replaced by new products.

Could tell me order number?

Tnank you.

14127356 Cam keep on repeating "pls have a safe drive today" dev******* 2014-08-06 Answered
  Hi my car cam keep on repeating pls have a safe drive today aft a few min. Shouldn't it be jus when u start the car then it say one but it its like restarting every few min which it's a quite irritating. How to u solve tis problem?

[Re] Cam keep on repeating "pls have a safe drive today"
Hi, sorry for your inconvenience.

could you check something?

when you turn off your car engin then you should plug off power cable then you need check camera back side led light. If led light stright off? it is camera fault. then contact us. we will replacement for you.

Thank you.

14012886 Problem on the rear camera zbb******* 2014-07-25 Answered

I have purchase this car camera from you on 13 Jan 2014. I used the player viewer that was downloaded from your
recommended website to playback my recorded videos.

Previously I have tested out both camera recording and both video can be viewed. But yesterday I tried to view the
video from the player but the video only appeared on the front camera and not the rear camera video. I have checked
all the cabling and also the functions on the player viewer but it still does not work at all. I have also checked the rear
camera and it does have a light on, meaning is should be working right?

Kindly advise what is the problem with my rear camera?

[Re] Problem on the rear camera
Dear customer

If you have ever plugged off the cable for rear camera before plugging off the power cable, this might have caused the problem.
We suggest that you first disconnect all cables from the device and then, plug the cable for rear camera first, then plug in the power cable.

Rear camera might not be displayed on the viewer if you plug the cable for rear camera before the device is switched off.
If this problem continues, you would better visit our office with the device and order number.

Thank you