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Place of origin
NANO JAPAN / JAPAN Condition New Product
Shipping From Domestic (Singapore)
Material Concentrated liquid essence
Payment Method VISA, MasterCard, JCB Card, PayPal, E-Nets, AXS, Convenience Store, Cash Deposit, Q·account
After sales service Please contact seller or manufacturer service center.(+6598710628 /
Return/Exchange Need to return item to seller's address by using post office or other shipping service.
JANCode 4962254800088
Country of Origin ..................................... Made In Japan (日本製)
Product Benefits .................................... [FUNCTIONS] Improves Gut Health, [IMMUNE SYSTEM] Reduce Flu, Cough, HFMD, Inflammation, Constipation, Bacteria Infections [PERFORMANCE] Concentrate better and more alert
Active Ingredients ................................ 35-active strains from 16 types of good bacteria incl. LactoGG, Bifidus etc.
Volume per bottle ................................ Gross Wt. 30ml for 30-days
Recommended Dosage per day.......... 1 to 2ml per day (1ml per suction from dropper)
Suggested User Age .............................. High Recommended for age 1 year old onwards. Also suitable for expecting mothers
How to Consume? ................................ Add/ release 1 to 2 suction into any drinks/ beverage. Take before bed. Once a day. If kid is unwell, take twice a day.
Produced & Tested ............................. Formula based on ancient Japan scripture. Clinically proven in top universities in Japan
User Advisory ...................................... Non-coloring. Non-flavoring. Non-medical. Preservative-free. Allergen-free. Suitable for all children
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Customer Satisfaction 1241 (90%)
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price 20%
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Apr 25, 2017 2

Highly Recommend NANO Biogenie

Repeated purchase. Really effective to boost up immunity.

A. Item:[435540763] NANO Biogenie (PRE-ORDER)

Apr 24, 2017 3

Recommend Fast delivery

Ordered on 20 apr and received on 23 apr

A. Item:[435540763] NANO Biogenie (PRE-ORDER)

Apr 24, 2017 2
Apr 24, 2017 3

Highly Recommend Reliable seller

Should be good with so many positive comments

A. Item:[435540763] NANO Biogenie (PRE-ORDER)

Apr 24, 2017 1

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Highly Recommend 2017-04-25 ask*******
Highly Recommend 2017-04-25 kam*******
Highly Recommend 2017-04-25 amy*******
Highly Recommend 2017-04-24 wkw*******
Recommend 2017-04-24 saw*******
Highly Recommend 2017-04-24 the*******
Highly Recommend 2017-04-24 leo*******
Highly Recommend 2017-04-24 joa*******
Highly Recommend 2017-04-24 jol*******
Highly Recommend 2017-04-24 kad*******

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26607823 Forget to input quote cal******* 2017-04-25 Answered
Hi, i forgotten to input the quote for kiasu parents. Am i not eligible for the 1 free? :( Order No: 214012343
[Re] Forget to input quote
Dear Customer,

Good morning and thank you for your purchase.
Hmm... It's kinda late to update us now as your parcel has been picked up by Qxpress yesterday and status will be update to "on delivery" once they have scan your details into their delivery system. Hence, the free bottle unable to ship out together your order, 214012343.

Here's your tracking no : SGP104118576

Anyway, please contact us at 98710628 for further assist. We can offer you a special arrangement for your case :)

Thank you and have a pleasant day^^
26605778 Inquiry for the item from viv**** viv******* 2017-04-24 Answered daughter 4 years old suffering eczema.She seem doesn't like the taste.If i mixed it with her water she never drink it.
Is it okay if i directly give her 1 pump without mix with any beverage?
I already tried give her directly 1 pump.No mix with water.And she can take it as she used to be eat medicine. But i am worried is not okay and must mix with any beverage.
And if mix with her milk is that okay?
[Re] Inquiry for the item from viv****
Dear customer,

Good morning to you:D Wow! You tried to let your girl taking it directly... It's kinda hardly believe that she can stand the spiky sourish taste itself. Anyway, it definitely will not affect the efficacy as it's just the taste matter. Kindly rest assures. Well, as NANO Biogenie does not contains "live" bacteria, so mix with warm milk is just fine, the quality and effectiveness wise will not be affected^^ In case, she refuse/ dislike to take the spiky sourish taste of NANO Biogenie mixed with only plain water/ warm milk, may we suggest u to mix it with strong flavor yet healthy beverages to neutralize the taste such as Manuka honey, Yakult, and take it at night before bed as recommended, because at that time, the repair work begins and our WBC (white blood cells) & enzyme get very very busy... The metabolites can get absorb immediately as their "food" by the friendly bacteria to fight harmful activities! ^^ Hope this info helps~Happy mothering!

26603950 Inquiry for the item from joa**** joa******* 2017-04-24 Answered
Hi, I brought another set of this product. as my hubby actully have eczema. how many portion should he take?
[Re] Inquiry for the item from joa****
Dear Customer,

Good afternoon to you. Thank you very much for your enquiry and feedback!^^ NANO Biogenie even though is labeled for children, it contains the same metabolites that are actually suitable (and very essential) for adults too!!! Actually, for adults' version, concentration is 92% while children's version, concentration is 85%. Therefore, for children, while the dosage per serving is 1-2 suctions, adult can take 3-4 suctions (3ml-4ml) each time for the same resistance/ immune system improvement :) NANO Biogenie contains metabolites that are clinically tried and tested in Japan with treatmental ability for tumor-gensis, even leukemia and diabetes :)) Thank you :D

Best Regards,
26598451 Inquiry for the item from ste**** ste******* 2017-04-24 Unanswered
26587184 Inquiry for the item from evo**** evo******* 2017-04-23 Answered
Can adult use this product also?
[Re] Inquiry for the item from evo****
Dear Customer,

Good morning and thank you for interest^^
Nano Biogenie is not only suitable for babies or young kids but adult as well, the only difference is in dosage, 3-suction per day for adults. Both kids and adult need strong metabolites in our body can effective reduce risk of many age-related diseases. Metabolites (the actual name of the substances found in Nano Biogenie) was actually developed for adults as a potent alternative medicine for fighting cancers and other drug-reliant diseases. Hope this info helps : )

Thank you and have a pleasant day.
[Re] Inquiry for the item from evo****
Thanks for the reply and info.
[Re] Inquiry for the item from evo****
Thanks for the reply and info.
[Re] Inquiry for the item from evo****
Dear Customer,

Good morning. You are most welcome^^

Looking forward to serve you again very soon!
26584345 Suction mag******* 2017-04-22 Unanswered
26583351 Inquiry for the item from che**** che******* 2017-04-22 Unanswered
26579977 expiry date for nano biogenie tif******* 2017-04-22 Answered
The two bottles of nao biogenie that I bought has expiry date indcated at 17.3.15. Does it mean it is expired? My son has already opened one bottle and took them for a few days. I only saw the expiry date today. The products were only received about 2 weeks ago.
[Re] expiry date for nano biogenie
Dear Customer,

Good morning and thank you for your purchase. The date printed on NANO Biogenie is the manufacture date as in Japanese format it goes like YY.MM.DD. The freshness is 18 months from this date (開栓前) and can go up to 24 months if refrigerated or if un-open as well.

P/S: You should finish consuming the product within 2 months upon first opening and should be store in normal refrigeration. :)

Hope this info helps! - H

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