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LG AnTi Bacterial and mites Bed Vacuum Cleaner★included UV Station ★ VH9211D  VH9200DS / VH9201DS
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LG ElectronicsLG AnTi Bacterial and mites Bed Vacuum Cleaner★included UV Station ★ VH9211D VH9200DS / VH9201DS

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It's not as powerful as I thought.. definitely not like those shown on the video…

car******* 2015-11-28 Neutral

Received item in good order. Problem is there is no manual in English.

Che******* 2015-11-27 Recommend

Delivery took very long. yet to try. hope its good.

pas******* 2015-11-21 Recommend

When I ordered, I informed seller to deliver next week as we are out on holidays…

che******* 2015-11-15 Neutral

Received within a week of ordering. .yet to try

nis******* 2015-11-14 Highly Recommend

Fast delivery. Yet to use but manual in Korean.

Juo******* 2015-11-14 Highly Recommend

Fast delivery from Korea. Tested the vacuum on my bed and my son's bed. Can su…

pra******* 2015-11-12 Highly Recommend

place order on 5th Nov, delivery of goods on 11th Nov.

tic******* 2015-11-11 Highly Recommend

Seller fast to response back on my request. Product easy to use and can see the …

lou******* 2015-11-11 Highly Recommend

Item received in good condition, just tested and it really works. However, there…

ong******* 2015-11-06 Recommend
Item Q&A(19)
No. Question & Answer Member Date Status
19757354 Unable to track shipping jam******* 2015-11-07 Answered
  im unable to track the shipping with the tracking number given. please advise.

[Re] Unable to track shipping
Dear Customer,

I just tracked your item and it shows that the item is delivered. Please check.

Thank you.

19737461 Vacuum Carpet & UV Station cha******* 2015-11-05 Answered

1. Can vacuum cleaner be used on carpet and sofa? Yes/No
2. Is the suction powerful enough to suck hair? Yes/No
3. How is UV Station necessary?

Thank you

[Re] Vacuum Carpet & UV Station
Dear Customer,

As this cleaner is for cleaning dust from heating the matarial, it is good for using on cottony matarials like bed. So I don't recommend to use on carpet. You will be able to clean short hair but for long hair it is not appropriate. UV station can be used to sterilize the cleaner.

Thank you.

18833415 $199 free shipping group buy yro******* 2015-08-27 Answered
Which model are you selling for $199 group buy with free shipping? Does it come with UV station? How long will it take to deliver to Singapore?


[Re] $199 free shipping group buy
Dear customer,
Dear customer,

Thank you for contacting us.
We are very sorry to inform you that we can't notice you the exact date of an item's arrival date.
Normally we need handling time approximately about 1 to 3 business days minimum to ship out customer's order.

In certain cases such as popularity of the item explodes or the manufacturer problem...etc, up to 18 days can differ..

We will try to notice you. as soon as it’s ready.

*Please note that phones normally take more time to get it delivered.

Kind regards.
All of them in the page you are looking at.

18809702 Please honour your promise and return to me my hurom juicer!!! alv******* 2015-08-25 Answered
  Order Number : 46845560

Dear seller,

I find it very hard to believe your words. Once moment you said that I am imagining things as the manufacturer did not replaced my juicer and one moment you said that the manufacturer has replaced my juicer. You simply fabricate stories to your advantage only for one reason. You simply refuse to return to me my juicer, and that is why you fabricated so much stories so you have the reasons not to bear the freight charges. A logical person will know that is the machine is not defective, why wold the manufacturer replace it? If it is working all these while, why does it take the manufacturer to many months to repair, and in the end, replace with a new machine.You have not been honest all along.

[Re] Please honour your promise and return to me my hurom juicer!!!
Dear customer,

The reason why I faced difficulties in finding your stuff' was because I wasn't informed about your case from the ex representative of your case.
Before sending the item out to the manufacturer, we check the item first and send it out to the manufacturer .
However, before that session is do, they first evaluates the item visually by us attaching the video clip of the item.
That video clip refers to the clip sent from you and made by us to show you.

Hope you can consider this and your understanding would be highly appreciated.

Thank you

Best regards

17711083 Item doubt kho******* 2015-05-26 Answered
  Hi seller, I'm very interested to get this item from you, but I'm confusing about your description. Appreciate if you can solve my doubt as below.
1) What is the exact model version you are selling right now?
2) Is this wireless? (As I don't want wireless).
3) Does this come with UV cradle?
4) What is VH9200DSW(+S$80.00)?
5) As for the plug, is it compatible to use it in Singapore?
Hope to get from you soon, thanks.

[Re] Item doubt
Dear customer,

Thank you for contacting us.
We would like to infomr you that DSW is a wireless one and DS one is wired one.
Kind regards.


[Re] Item doubt
What is the exact model version you are selling right now? As for the plug, is it compatible to use it in Singapore?


[Re] Item doubt
Dear customer,

Thank you for contacting us.
We sell VH9200 Series, and we would like to inform oyu that we strongly recommend customers to use an electric transformer for any of our product.

17674520 Hepa filters lic******* 2015-05-23 Answered
  Understood that hepa filters have to be cleaned monthly. How to clean it efficiently? Any guides can follow?

[Re] Hepa filters
Dear customer,

Thank you for cotnacting us.
We will contact the manufacturer regarding how to clean Hepa filters.
Kind regards.

17229810 White Color gun******* 2015-04-16 Answered
Any estimate when white color is available?
Any other shipping option? I don't mind slower shipping,
$80 is pretty expensive shipment from Korea to Singapore.


[Re] White Color
Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting us.
Please access to the following link to purchase colour white.

Thank you

Best Regards

17140125 9200 val******* 2015-04-09 Answered
  is this 9200 the cordless version? Any local warrenty?

[Re] 9200
Dear Customer,

Please note this is not cordless vaccum cleaner and the warranty is under korean therefore, it the item shows any sign of kindly contact us to assist your problem.

Thank you

Best Regards


[Re] 9200
Do u have the cordless version?


[Re] 9200
Dear Customer,

Please access to the following link to purchase corless version of it http://list.qoo10.sg/GMKT.INC/Goods/Goods.aspx?goodscode=417833825

Thank you


[Re] 9200
Any local warrenty?


[Re] 9200
Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting us.

In regards to local warranty, you will have to check with your local service center.

Our products do have 1 year warranty covered by the seller (us). Unfortunately to take advantage of this warranty you will have to send it back to us.

Best regards.