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U.P. $29.90 - No. 1 SucoSlim 5X more Weight Loss / Diet - Sugar Carbs Blocker / Burns Fat

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USA Condition New Product
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Brief Description Blocks Sugar and Carbs, Digests Protein and Burns Fat. Better than dieting and exercising. 100% Natural Plants and Fruits Extract / No Laxatives and Stimulants
Active Ingredients White Kidney Bean Extract (Phaseolamin), Pineapple Extract (Bromelain), Papaya Extract (Papain)
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Highly Recommend 2017-03-24 dor*******
Highly Recommend 2017-03-24 sar*******
Highly Recommend 2017-03-23 l_w*******
netural 2017-03-22 sal*******
Highly Recommend 2017-03-22 dor*******
Highly Recommend 2017-03-18 val*******
Recommend 2017-03-17 sh1*******
Highly Recommend 2017-03-17 Zar*******
Recommend 2017-03-16 lay*******
Highly Recommend 2017-03-15 han*******
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26055014 [About Item] Related Inquiries Sio******* 2017-03-09 Answered
Refer to the picture attached.
I will usually finish the whole portion. Tried to control but no use but for dinner wise I will eat finish all the side dishes and some carbs. Will never finish carbs for dinner.

Thank you!
[Re] [About Item] Related Inquiries
Hi, appreciate your honest comment. Garcinia Max is an appetite controller. It will make you fuller for longer with smaller portion. It may not be ideal for you hence I would recommend you to go for Sucoslim with Raspberry Ketone Plus. A pure fat burner and carbo blocker will be more effective for you.
26042270 [About Item] Related Inquiries Sio******* 2017-03-08 Answered
I work in an office environment. Eat more for breakfast and lunch-both can be anything, usually will try to control my carbs intake for dinner and eat before 7pm. I don't exercise. May i know what product should i get? Thank you.
[Re] [About Item] Related Inquiries
Hi, got an important question
if you feel full would you stop eating or would have the tendency to finish the usual portion?
Hope to hear from you before we can best recommend. Thank you
26036535 [About Item] Related Inquiries kek******* 2017-03-08 Answered
Is the product expiry in May 2017 please?
[Re] [About Item] Related Inquiries
Hi, the current batch of Sucoslim expires July 2018
[Re] [About Item] Related Inquiries
Thank u seller!
[Re] [About Item] Related Inquiries
Most welcome :)
26036526 [About Item] Related Inquiries kek******* 2017-03-08 Answered
Hi seller. Between Suco slim, Oxy plus and Garcinia Max, which is the most effective in weight loss and the least amount of side effects please?
[Re] [About Item] Related Inquiries
Hi, the most effective of them are the one that match your lifestyle and eating habits.
Sucoslim is a carbohydrates blocker, effective if you eat alot of rice, noodles bread etc
Raspberry ketone plus is a pure fat burner. Effective for someone with slow metabolism and sedentary lifestyle.
Garcinia max is for fat burning and appetite controller.
Perhaps you can let us know more about your eating habits then we can better recommend. Hope to hear from you
25686911 [Others] Related Inquiries tsc******* 2017-02-08 Answered
Have purchased both sucoslim n oxyplus, can provide me the 8 hrs diet plan?
[Re] [Others] Related Inquiries
Dear Customer,

Attached is the 8 Hour Diet for your reference.

It is simple yet very effective if you follow the diet plan closely in combination with the supplements.

Please feel free to let us know if you need more information.

- If you have problem with the file, do drop us an email at info@oxytarm-ap.com? -

Thank you.

Best Regards
Evolutionary Slimming
25581117 ENquiry clo******* 2017-01-28 Answered

I am interested in your products. will you be able to recommend.
-24 yrs old, weigh around 65kg .. 155cm.

Looking to lose weight :)
[Re] ENquiry
Hi, thanks for your enquiry. May we know more about your lifestyle and eating habits more? do you eat more carbs or do you feel hungry all the time? Looking forward to hearing from you .
[Re] ENquiry
I do eat more carbs

Breakfast ard 10.30am - porridge/bee Hoon
Lunch 3pm - cai fan
Dinner 8pm- usually rice/noodles

I don't usually snack in between.
[Re] ENquiry
Hi, for you we would recommend to go for Sucoslim. It is a carbs blocker, blocks 50-60% of the carbs you take. For the best results, take 1-2 tablets 10-15 mins before food with a glass of water.

For your dinner, though as it is late metabolism is getting slower, take note of the carbs portion.

Hope this helps
[Re] ENquiry
Do u recommend to pair with other products? Eh: oxyplus?
[Re] ENquiry
Hi, if you have bloated tummy, water retention and constipation, yes we would recommend to combine Sucoslim with Oxyplus
[Re] ENquiry

I just bought suco slim and oxy plus.. May i know how should i combine this two pills for eating..
[Re] ENquiry
Hi, for the best weight loss results with sucoslim , you take 1-2 tablets of Sucoslim 10-15 mins before food with a glass of water. As for Oxyplus, you take 3-4 tablets once at night before sleep with a glass of water too.
Hope this helps. Thank you
25364043 slimming chi******* 2017-01-10 Answered
Hi, I m 44 yrs old ,weighing about 75kg and 1.61m height. I seldom do exercise. I take little rice/noodle during each meal but i like to eat tibits.What products to recommend for me to achieve best results?
[Re] slimming
Hi, to best recommend hope it's okay to ask you a couple of questions. If you feel full would you still snack? Or is it" itchy mouth " type of snacking? And what type of snacks ( possible to give a few examples? Hope to hear from you
[Re] slimming
Hi, I will still snack even i am full. I feel is more to itchy mouth. I like chips, narchos, "saltish-sour-sweet" preserved fruit.
[Re] slimming
Hi, in that case we would recommend either Sucoslim or Raspberry ketone plus. Sucoslim blocks excess calories from carbs whole Raspberry ketone plus is a pure fat burner to boost your metabolism
[Re] slimming
Should i combine Sucoslim and Raspberry ketone plus? If combine, how should i consume? Can share your 8hr diet?
[Re] slimming
Hi, you can combine Sucoslim and Raspberry ketone plus together. For the best results', take 1 capsule of Raspberry ketone plus and take 1 to 2 tablets of Sucoslim 10 to 15 mins before food. For dinner, take only Sucoslim.

I have attached the new 8 hour diet plan for your reference. Do you Best to follow it as much as you can. It is simple yet very effective.
25330879 [About Item] Related Inquiries PUN******* 2017-01-09 Answered
Hello! I am 41 yr old. 162cm tall. 55kg. I'm super keen in your products. I'm not concern with the kilos but those stubborn fats around the waist line. I'd do simple workout like sit up but the belly fats and muffin tops are still there and I am determine to eliminate them i don't overeat. I eat 2 or 3 meals a day depending if i meet friends for breakfast. I'll have roti prata 1 piece and Ice milk tea. For lunch maybe some rice or curry chicken or chicken rice. I only eat half the portion on those standard serving. For dinner, I may eat beef or fish w fries or dumpling or dim sum. I drink fruit vinegar b4 n after meal. I'm very discipline and I can stay with non sweet drinks. Or tea with no sugar. Which pdt can give me a obvious results n a more define toner waist line? Will my breasts become smaller too??
Hear from you soon. Thanks
[Re] [About Item] Related Inquiries
Hi, unless it's drastic weight loss of 5 or more kilos, your cup size will remain the same. Carbs and sugar are in roti prata, and rice too. You will be surprised at the calories in chicken rice and roti prata. You seems like a very discipline and determine person so if you can control the portion of rice. I would recommend Garcinia max to max fat burning and control appetite. If not, Sucoslim will be great to blocks the carbs calories from the rice and prata.
[Re] [About Item] Related Inquiries
Hi again..
Whats the promo for garcinia max at the moment.
If i want to add on 1 more item to see better effect would that be sucoslim?
Between gar.max and Sucoslim which one help to burn away the fats quicker. Esp. Tummy area.
For a start to see results. How many months are roughly needed? Thanks again
[Re] [About Item] Related Inquiries
Hi, for Garcinia max we have the triple pack promotion now. It controls appetite and burns overall fats. For it to be very effective, you do need to portion control. But you feel fuller for longer with smaller portion. As for which parts loses more fats will depends on genes. It's take 2 to 3 weeks to see significant weight loss. Hope this helps
[Re] [About Item] Related Inquiries
Hi again
Once we have achieve the ideal weight should we stop and control our portion or continue to maintain ones weight.
How do I consume the tablets. Thanks.
[Re] [About Item] Related Inquiries
Hi, once you reached your ideal weight we recommend to take for additional month (on and off) to maintain the weight. You are basically letting your body adapt to the smaller portion of food for the ideal weight. Hope this helps
[Re] [About Item] Related Inquiries
How do I consume garcinia max and Sucoslim throughout the day. Thanks.
[Re] [About Item] Related Inquiries
Hi, for the best weight loss results with Garcinia Max and Sucoslim. You take 1 capsule of Garcinia max and 1 or 2 tablets of Sucoslim 10 to 15 mins before food with a glass of water.
[Re] [About Item] Related Inquiries
So to be clear. Everytime before a meal take 1 gar.max and 2 sucoslim 10 to 15min before hand ya. These 2 tablets to be taken together?
[Re] [About Item] Related Inquiries
Hi, yes you are correct. you take them ; Garcinia max and Sucoslim together. They are designed to complement each other in weight loss efficiency

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