★GROUPBUY 50% DISCOUNT★ Bust up supplement{MADE IN JAPAN}SOS Puera Panic Pueraria For Bust Enhancement/Lift
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★GROUPBUY 50% DISCOUNT★ Bust up supplement{MADE IN JAPAN}SOS Puera Panic Pueraria For Bust Enhancement/Lift

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Brief Description Puera Panic SOS Pueraria Mirifica supplement for bust enhancement, firming, lifting. Made In Japan. Bust Up! Safe and effective.
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Received item in good condition & will start trying

chr******* 2014-10-22 Recommend

Highly recommended... Effect is amazing.

men******* 2014-10-18 Highly Recommend

Into my 3rd purchase already. So far so good!!

and******* 2014-10-17 Recommend

well received in good condition.Fast delivery,received it within two days after …

xox******* 2014-10-09 Recommend

bought this for my gf. not expecting her to up her cup size, but rather because …

eve******* 2014-10-06 Recommend

Quick delivery, thank you! Can't comment on results..

ang******* 2014-10-03 Recommend

fast delivery. bought 3 packs at one go hoping to see results.

jen******* 2014-09-28 Recommend

good condition. fast delivery. hope price can be cheaper.

leo******* 2014-09-23 Recommend

1st try. will add review later on...

est******* 2014-09-21 Neutral

2nd month to use. No visible effect. Still waiting to see if it will help in the…

ara******* 2014-09-21 Recommend
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14525649 shelf life hui******* 2014-09-10 Answered
  May i know how long can the product be kept once opened?

[Re] shelf life
Hi, thank you for shopping with us. If the product packaging is opened, it is best to consume within 3 months. Pls avoid contact with sunlight and moisture. Have a great day!
Beauty Rush

14080839 difference cxi******* 2014-08-01 Answered
  Hello. What is the difference between the SOS and the volume glamor? Which works better and faster?
Do i take 1 or 2 tablets?

[Re] difference
Hi, thank you for your query. Volume Up Glamor is the new formula, 2 tabs will have 500mg of Pueraria Mirifica, thus more strength in PM than Bust Up(1 tab: 400mg). The improved formula also has skin and beauty supporting ingredients and consists of 60 tabs for 1 month. We recommend the Volume Up Glamor for more enhanced effects, anti-aging and beauty care. For optimum results, try to massage with firm pressure on the breasts daily with our Volume Up Gel to increase circulation and stimulate the mammary glands. We have good feedbacks that the gel is very effective(You may refer to the product's page for more info). Try to consume soy milk or soy products daily too. Have a great day!
Beauty Rush


[Re] difference
Can 19 year old consume


[Re] difference
Hi, it is recommended for age of 21 and above as at this age the hormonal system is fully developed. We advise you to use Volume Up Gel instead if you are under 21. Have a great weekend!
Beauty Rush


[Re] difference
Thanks so much. Will the gel work as well?


[Re] difference
Hi, the increase in breasts size is also dependent on the amount of mammary glands, how active are the glands, our diet(consume more soy-based product for better enhancement), fat tissue around the bust. Results can be seen from the first tube onwards, the upper part of the breasts are plump up, shape is rounder and bust is firmer are the first signs of results. Slowly the size and appearance will change. It is a natural bust gel, so pls be patient with the results. The 3 active ingredients are Pueraria Mirifica, a trusted herb for bust enlargement. Volufiline, able to increase fat tissues on areas applied. Isoflavone, also containing phytoestrogen to enhance the bust. Based on the quality and ingredients as well as having so many good reviews and No 1 ranking in bust products, Volume Up Gel is highly effective.
Beauty Rush


[Re] difference
Thank u i have bought the gel. May i have the massage video?


[Re] difference
Hi, thank you for shopping with us. Pls email us to request the self-massage video. Have a great weekend ahead!
Beauty Rush

13973233 clarifying ade******* 2014-07-22 Answered
  Whats the diff the $16.90 & $18.90? Which is PP n which is PM.

[Re] clarifying
Hi, thank you for your query. The price of $16.90 is a promo price.
PP: Puera Panic SOS(Bust Up Supplement- 15 Tablets, 400mg/tab)
PM: Pueraria Mirifica, the main ingredient for natural bust enhancement effects which contains phytoestrogens.
Puera Panic SOS(Bust Up Supplement) contains Pueraria Mirifica(PM).
Beauty Rush

13431980 stock for volume up gel ang******* 2014-06-03 Answered
  Is there no more restock for the volume up gel? or is the promotion over?

[Re] stock for volume up gel
Hi, thank you for your query. The stock will be in again around 3rd week of June as it is still under production now. Pls send us an email at beautyrushsg@yahoo.com if you want to reserve Volume Up Gel for you. Have a great day!
Beauty Rush

13380899 Side effect suv******* 2014-05-30 Answered
  Hi. I'm into my 10th pill and notice I have developed many pimples on my face and had put on a little weight but not on my breast.
Would like to know if these are due to the side effect of the pills?
Like any drugs, can you highlight what are the potential side effect/ adverse effect of the pills.
Does it affect menstral cycle and flow?

[Re] Side effect
Hi, thank you for your query. This product will actually improve skin conditions, some users found that their breakouts have reduced. Sometimes breakouts occur as there is excess toxic that has not been drain out of the body, so when your blood circulation improves, because you consume PM, the toxin purges out, this is only temporarily. Once the body gets used to the higher estrogenic level and improved blood circulation, it'll help in detoxing, your skin will improve. For some individuals, herbs are slightly heaty at first, sometimes causing a little breakout, because of the toxins in the body, so drink plenty of water, and it helps dispersing the toxins in our body faster. You may continue consumption, monitor as you consume the supplement. Meanwhile we recommend you another skin cleansing bar for this condition, Tokyo Love Soap Professional(Medicated)- Best Seller, it'll work well on skin with sudden breakouts and toxins, pls take a look at the link below.
It is unlikely to put on weight if you take 1 tab daily. There is no adverse effect if consumption is 1 tab a day. We suggest you use the 15-day method for consumption.(Take 1 tab/day after period ends, stop after 15 tabs and repeat the cycle when the next menses ends)Every individual reacts differently, pls monitor changes. If you are uncomfortable, pls stop consumption.
Pueraria Mirifica works best with a healthy lifestyle such as healthy diet consumption, little alcohol consumption and a smoke-free lifestyle. People who consume alcohol much and smoke excessively may have difficulties using Pueraria because they will get less benefit from the herb due to their lifestyles. Have a great day!
Beauty Rush

13368111 i want to take puera panic sos but i'm trying to get pregnant. gir******* 2014-05-28 Answered
  i want to take puera panic sos but i'm trying to get pregnant.. actually im already taking puera panic sos for 1 month. im also trying to get pregnant.. and now i am 10days delayed.. is this because of the PM? i don't want to use PT.. i need answer asap. cuz i want to continue using it and i want to order it from here. thanks!

[Re] i want to take puera panic sos but i'm trying to get pregnant.
Hi, thank you for your query. There are a few reasons causing irregular or delayed menses, this is uncommon after consumption of PM. Every individual reacts in a different way as our hormones activities react differently. Meanwhile we recommend you to stop consumption of PM. Your menstrual cycle should be regulated after hormones are more balanced, if you still do not get a period in 3-5 days, we suggest you to check for pregnancy.
If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or getting ready for pregnancy we DO NOT RECOMMEND intake of PM.
Beauty Rush


[Re] i want to take puera panic sos but i'm trying to get pregnant.
Thank you so much for your fast response, I really appreciate it. I still have one more question I hope you don't mind.. How many days normally will be the delayed? and How many days is not normal anymore?? Thank you so much!


[Re] i want to take puera panic sos but i'm trying to get pregnant.
Hi, you are welcomed. Different people have different responses. Some i heard their period had been 2-3 days late, some between 1-2 weeks. Its is better for you to use a test kit to be sure. Have a great day!
Beauty Rush


[Re] i want to take puera panic sos but i'm trying to get pregnant.
Thank you so much for the info :) yes I might get a test kit.. but I'm really afraid.. I'm thinking maybe I'll wait for 1 month.. do you think 1 month is already long for delayed because of the PM SOS? and one more question.. I read some reviews about PM SOS being a slight birth control pills. is it true?? and the last question... If I'm taking PM SOS will i still be able to get pregnant cause I am trying to. Thanks again! :)


[Re] i want to take puera panic sos but i'm trying to get pregnant.
Hi, I think you should test for it ASAP so as to be assured and not be guessing. Just prepare yourself what to do next whether results are positive or negative and there is no need to be afraid. Even if there is delayed period it should not take as long as a month. Yes, PM has contraceptive effects but not it has to be taken in a higher dosage, we are not sure about effectiveness of contraception and will not recommend it as a birth control measure. We advise people who are trying to get pregnant to avoid PM consumption. Have a great weekend!
Beauty Rush

13351683 Have not rev items fab******* 2014-05-27 Answered
  Hi, I've bought a few times from your previously, and I've bought 2 packets 1 week ago and it seems to be shipped on the 18th may but I've not yet rev. Pls let me know about it because it is on urgent request to rev the pills. Thank you

[Re] Have not rev items
Hi, thank you for shopping with us. We're sorry that you are still waiting for your item to arrive. We had checked that your parcel was already sent out on 19 May by Singpost normal mail, there is no tracking available if you choose this shipping option. Normal mail usually takes 3-7 working days to arrive if there is no postal delays. Alternatively, you can call 1605 or go to to your allocated post office check if the item was left there. Pls allow some more time if there is postal delay. Kindly see the attached image of your parcel and verify if the delivery address correct. Thank you for your patience.
Beauty Rush

13315264 10 free 1 applicable to group buy? zar******* 2014-05-23 Answered
  Hi is your buy 10 get 1 free applicable when on group buy? Thanks.

[Re] 10 free 1 applicable to group buy?
Hi, thank you for your query. The 10+1 Promo is also applicable the the group buy price. Pls choose registered mail for your shipping option, shipping fee will be waived. Have a great weekend!
Beauty Rush