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Wholesale Pure Essential Oils (50mL) for Aromatherapy (Lavender Citronella Lemon Grass Eucalyptus..)
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Wholesale Pure Essential Oils (50mL) for Aromatherapy (Lavender Citronella Lemon Grass Eucalyptus..)

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Shipping From Domestic (Singapore)
Material Natural Pure Essential OIls
Payment Method VISA, MasterCard, JCB Card, PayPal, E-Nets, AXS, Convenience Store, Cash Deposit, Q·account
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Brief Description Geranium Lavender Frankincense Lemon Grass Citronella Peppermint Eucalyptus Sweet Orange Bergamot Cedarwood Palmarosa Ylang Ylang Wintergreen Pine Needle Thyme Basil
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Highly Recommend Essential oil

Takes awhile via singpost mail. Overall happy.

Choose type:Peppermint(+S$3)

Apr 25, 2017

Highly Recommend Ylang-ylang & Frankinsense

Next day delivered. Love the packaging. Thank you!

Choose type:Ylang Ylang(+S$10)

Apr 22, 2017

Highly Recommend Fast delivery

Well packaged. Fast delivery. Yet to try

Choose type:Bergamot(+S$4)

Apr 21, 2017

Highly Recommend Fast delivery

Repeated buyer. Haven't tried the Orange smell yet.

Choose type:Orange(-S$2)

Apr 21, 2017
Apr 20, 2017

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Essential Oils (Wholesale)

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FAQ How come this new bottle smells different from the last bottle I bought? Seller

As an essential oil evaporates and diffuses into the air, each individual constituents within does so at different rate. First the high notes followed by the middle notes and then the lower notes. The overall scent slowly change over time during diffusion as these volatile constituents evaporate and scent the air around us. The original smell may not be present towards the tail end. If you are using a burner with a few drops of essential oil, the scent changes through an hour or so. If you are using reed diffusers, it may be over a few weeks to a month depending on the volume of oil used. So naturally, there will be difference between an old and new bottle of essential oil. With the new, all of the oil constituents are intact while the old are missing most of the high and middle notes towards the tail end of the diffusion process.

FAQ What is the best way to diffuse essential oils? Seller

The easiest way of diffusing essential oils is simply using reed sticks/diffusers, dropping them on cotton balls, tissue paper, dried flowers or potpourri. If you want a more convenient and hassle free method, a fan diffuser is your best choice. It diffuses by aided air flow from a high quality fan to enhance the evaporation of essential oils and distributing the scent into the air and surrounding area. No heat or candle is used that might damage beneficiat constituents of the essential oils.

FAQ What is the proper way to test smell a new bottle of essential oil? Seller

Never smell essential oil directly from a bottle because you will just get the top note. These are the light and volatile constituents that have evaporated and stay at the top of the bottle. The true essences will be in the rest of the bottle. The proper way is to gently rotate the bottle and place a drop or two on a scent testing strip, paper towel, cotton ball or tissue paper. Again, don't smell directly, instead, gently wave it about two/three inches away from the nose. Slowly take a whiff. The smell should be very characteristic of the essential oil that you are testing and should not be overwhelming.

FAQ Will your essential oils smell the same as others? Seller

The only time essential oils can smell the same is if they were extracted in the same factory with the same batch of raw materials havested in the same period. Most essential oils from different brands will smell slightly different from each other due to different source and batches of raw materials and extraction processes in different countries. The core characteristics should not deviate too much. It can be more spicy (camphorous), less flora or sweeter, but they should never be totally different. On top of this, there are different species of the same plant family to consider. To complicate matters more, the same specie grown on different soils at different times of the year will also have their own uniqueness in tone and depth in their scent. Kindly do not have the expectation that essential oils of the same name should all smell exactly the same (whether you purchase from us or other sellers).

FAQ Can your essential oils be applied directly on the skin? Seller

Most pure essential oils cannot be used undiluted directly on the skin. They should be diluted properly with carrier oils before use. Lavender and Tea Tree are both generally recognised as safe to apply undiluted directly on the skin. But there are exceptions to the rule.

FAQ Why do you pack them in aluminum bottles instead of glass? Seller

The proper way of storing essential oils is to keep them away from exposure to light. As they are pure natural oils, they will turn rancid or degrade very fast when exposed to light. As such, the best way is to use aluminium bottles to store them. This will best preserve their freshness for delivery to our customers. Aluminium bottles are capped to prevent leakage problems and provide adequate protection from harsh handling during shipping.

FAQ How pure are the essential oils? What grade are they? Seller

The essential oils sold in our online shop are just what they are - pure natural unadulterated essential oils. They are not fragrance oil or essential oils concentrate. Please do not mix them up. They come as naturally as they were extracted from their raw ingredients. As to what grade our essential oils belong to? Grade A, B, C or therapeutic grade? We'd love to say they are therapeutic grade but in reality, there is no governmental regulating body that grades or certifies essential oils as "A B or C" or "therapeutic grade" or "aromatherapy grade.".

FAQ Why offer such good wholesale pricing? Seller

By operating our business online, we save on rentals for a retail shop space and staff cost. We did away with costly fanciful bottling and packaging for practical aluminium bottles that offers the best protection for the essential oils within. We are thus able to lower of cost and pass these savings to our customers without compromising on service and quality. We believe in providing authentic essential oils at fair pricing that will be satisfactory to our customers.

26617662 Neem oil mao******* 2017-04-25 Answered
1. Do you carry neem oil? Pls provide a link to it if you do sell.
2. I want to use your lavender and pine essential oils with my muji aroma diffuser (the bigger capacity), how many drops of essential oil to use each time?
[Re] Neem oil
Dear Customer,

We do not carry neem oil. As for your aroma diffuser, number of drops to use is entirely up to individual preference. You may want to start with 5 drops and increase from there.

Best regards,
[Re] Neem oil
In addition to 3 eo, I added fimo diffuser bottles and amber bottles to my cart and selected smartpac, but am charged twice ($7) instead of $3.50 for shipping. How to adjust delivery option to save on shipping?
[Re] Neem oil
Dear Customer,

We can't seem to find your order. If you have not made the order, choose smartpac for the 3 EOs and normal mail for the rest. We will ship them all in the smartpac for you.

Best regards,
26584595 Inquiry for the item from big**** big******* 2017-04-22 Answered
So you have sandalwood essential oil? Thank you
[Re] Inquiry for the item from big****
We do not offer sandlewood as the price point is just too high for most customers. However we can bring in specially for you if your volume is 500mL and above.

Best regards,
[Re] Inquiry for the item from big****
Ok noted, anyway just purchased 3 bottles from you.
By the way I just like to know is the sandalwood from Mysore ? And how much will that be for 500ml
[Re] Inquiry for the item from big****
Thanks for your support. The sandlewood essential oil origin country is India. Not too sure if it is from Mysore. Cost will be around S$4500 for 500mL depending on the exchange rates.

Best regards,
26579446 Inquiry for the item from mah**** mah******* 2017-04-22 Answered
Hi can the oils be used on electric burner? Thanks
[Re] Inquiry for the item from mah****
Dear Customer,

We do have customers using our essential oil in electric burners. No complaints so far. Just make sure your burner is designed to use pure essential oil.

26578957 Tea Tree Restock hei******* 2017-04-22 Answered
Hi, when will tea tree be restock?
[Re] Tea Tree Restock
Dear Customer,

It is unlikely we will offer Tea Tree essential oil as we are unable to secure competitive pricing from suppliers.

26413658 Inquiry for the item from Ivy**** Ivy******* 2017-04-08 Answered
Can use for both water & air purifier?
[Re] Inquiry for the item from Ivy****
Yes you can.
26413327 Inquiry for the item from big**** big******* 2017-04-08 Answered

Can I use aroma nebulizer for this essential oil you selling?
Are they made in Singapore?

Thank Josephine
[Re] Inquiry for the item from big****
Dear Jososephine,

Yes you can use in an aroma nebulizer. All essential oils are imported and not made in Singapore.

Best regards,
26333808 Inquiry for the item from sol**** sol******* 2017-04-01 Answered
When the lemongrass will re stock ?
[Re] Inquiry for the item from sol****
Dear Customer,

Our Lemon Grass essential oil is now available.

26267350 Inquiry for the item from tua**** tua******* 2017-03-27 Answered
When will lavender be restocked?
[Re] Inquiry for the item from tua****
Dear Customer,

We are expecting the Lavender to arrive early next week (hopefully sooner).


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